In order to perform a precise bone density assessment for early diagnosis of osteoporosis, the Studi Radiologia Gibilisco Diagnostics Centre uses the HOLOGIC Explorer QDR densitometer with OnePass Fan-Beam DXA technology for the most accurate bone mineral density measurements.

This method makes it possible to perform:

    • lumbar and femoral bone densitometry for bone health assessment (osteoporosis screening);
    • densitometry of hips with a prosthesis to assess periprosthetic areas;
    • total body densitometry to measure the overall mineral content of the skeleton;
    • vertebral morphometry to visualize the spinal column and vertebrae and highlight deformities and fracture risks;
    • total body composition: precise measurement of fat mass, lean mass, and total mass.

Compared to other bone densitometry methods, HOLOGIC Explorer QDR densitomers deliver low doses of radiation to the patient, reduce examination run times, and provide better image quality in terms of resolution and precision.